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Thomas J. Ellis

Thomas J. Ellis

Director of Litigation Support


Tom Ellis has worked for Nolan Law Group for over 30 years. As the firm’s primary investigator of the causes and liability arising from aviation accidents and other disasters, his work provides critical support to attorneys and is integral to preparation for trial. His work has taken him all over the globe including various countries in Europe, South America, Asia, and the African continent.

Tom has personally worked on more than seventy-five separate aviation accidents going back to 1989 involving several hundred victims represented by Nolan Law Group. He has conducted or participated in aircraft wreckage inspections and analyses, laboratory studies, radar and trajectory analyses, data recorder analysis, and other forensic activities. Tom is particularly adept at locating hard to find or difficult to obtain evidence.

In addition to aviation accident cases, Tom has also led Nolan Law Group’s investigation in cases for other mass torts including several Amtrak accidents, carbon monoxide poisonings at public schools, large structure fires, and a fatal underground mine collapse.

Tom genuinely enjoys and values his relationships with clients, referring lawyers, and experts. Frequently serving as a primary point of contact for clients, he has a unique understanding of the many forms of suffering that can result from these disasters, and is better able to empathize with each client’s individual situation.