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Accidents that could occur while flying

On Behalf of | May 26, 2022 | Accidents & Incidents

Whether you’re looking at a plane in the sky in Illinois or you’re flying on a plane across the country, one of the fears that you might have is that something will go wrong. This could lead to the plane crashing in the water, on the ground, or into a building. Here are a few common causes of aviation accidents.

The pilot

There are actions that a pilot could take while flying that could result in an accident. These actions usually aren’t intentional as they could be simple errors in judgment, lack of proper training, or flying a new aircraft and not knowing all of the details. However, a cause of aviation accidents is due to intentional pilot errors including intoxication and not getting enough sleep before getting in the aircraft.


When you’re driving in various weather conditions, such as snow or heavy rain, it can make seeing the road in front of you difficult to see. The same goes for flying. If the weather conditions are difficult to fly in, especially during take-off and landing, then it could result in the pilot not reaching the speed that’s needed or veering off the runway.


Even though most aircraft are inspected on a regular basis, there could be things that are missed or random issues that occur with the mechanics. Some of the common mechanical issues that result in an aircraft accident include engine failure, fan blades that stop working, or instrument clusters that fail to provide the proper information for the pilot.

Although flying is a common form of transportation, there are accidents that can occur just as they do if you were in a vehicle on the road.