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Internationally Renowned For Success In Aircraft Accident Cases

Our team of aviation attorneys at Nolan Law Group represents victims of aviation accidents in Illinois, the United States and around the globe.

Though we are based out of Chicago, our reputation spans worldwide. For more than 40 years, we have helped survivors and the loved ones of deceased victims hold negligent perpetrators accountable for their actions and recover compensation for their damages.

Our firm has handled claims involving:

  • Commercial planes
  • Private planes
  • Corporate and business jets
  • Military aircraft
  • Helicopters
  • Airports
  • Air cargo
  • International aviation incidents

We work tirelessly to investigate the incident and build a successful claim, placing the highest importance on serving the needs of victims and their families.

The Experience Necessary For Complex Cases

Aviation cases are immensely complicated and involve unique factors such as jurisdiction, venue, regulations, technology and avionics. Accidents on this scale also often involve multiple sources of fault, ranging from the pilot to the aircraft manufacturer to the regulatory agency.

Because our plane crash lawyers have such breadth and depth of experience, we understand how these factors influence each accident and how to build a successful claim.

Global Leaders With A Reputation For Excellence

Internationally, we are renowned for our acumen and capability in aviation litigation claims. We are known as leaders in aviation accident litigation for our unwavering commitment to handling crashes involving powerful corporations or government entities.

Our lawyers have successfully represented clients in almost every major air disaster in current history in nearly every part of the world. In just three recent injury claims, we recovered more than $150 million in verdicts for the victims of aircraft accidents.

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