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Hold Nurses Accountable For Their Negligence

Nurses have very difficult jobs, but they must still adhere to the expected standard of medical care. If they deviate from this standard of care, their negligence can cause lifelong harm to innocent patients.

At Nolan Law Group, we understand this firsthand, as we have represented numerous clients in medical negligence claims. As one of the Chicago area’s preeminent malpractice firms, we are known for more than 40 years of outstanding skill and commitment when it comes to advocating for injured clients’ rights.

What Are Some Examples Of Nursing Errors?

Patients place their trust in nurses to care for them. Unfortunately, merely one error can have deadly results. Some of the most common examples of nursing negligence include:

  • Administering the wrong medication
  • Improper administration of medication
  • Documentation errors
  • Failure to monitor patients
  • Failure to communicate with staff
  • Failure to prevent patients from falling

Our team has handled numerous nursing claims that have allowed us to successfully navigate steps to take to investigate the circumstances of your malpractice-related injury or illness, review your records, interview witnesses and more.

Why Do Nursing Errors Happen?

Hospitals are often short-staffed, resulting in heavier workloads for nurses. With their attention stretched thin, it is easier for nurses to fail to meet the expected standard of care. Hospitals also sometimes fail to provide adequate training for their staff, causing nurses to use improper techniques that can harm people. In other cases, nurses can fail to provide reasonable care or willfully and/or recklessly disregard reasonable care.

Discuss Your Nursing Malpractice Case With A Lawyer

If a nurse’s negligence left you with a serious illness or injury, Nolan Law Group can help you seek compensation for your damages. Learn more about how we can assist you by requesting a free, confidential consultation. Call 312-820-2071 or send us an email to get started.