Chicago-Based Attorneys
Handling Aviation Accidents Nationwide

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Nolan Law Group to provide superior, ethical advocacy on behalf of its clients and their families in order to best resolve disputes consistent with the individual goals of each of its clients.

Who Do We Serve?

Nolan Law Group represents individual victims and families of victims in claims for compensation arising from accidents, including aviation accidents, medical malpractice, traumatic brain injuries, and mass torts, resulting in significant bodily injury or death.

What is Our Philosophy?

We believe each client and each claim is different and requires tailored solutions to achieve a result that our clients find just. We build each case to a position of greatest strength and do not undertake any case unless we are fully committed to taking it through trial and to verdict if necessary or desired.

Why Do We Do It?

We want to help our clients restore the greatest quality of life possible after experiencing tragedy and loss. We also want to affect change to prevent accidents and promote safe practices, and we believe our knowledge and experience uniquely position us to do so.

How Do We Do It?

We do it by providing personal attention to our clients’ goals, thoroughly investigating and analyzing facts, and remaining vigilant in understanding the current state and evolution of the law and procedure in our areas of practice.

We further draw as needed from our network of local and international resources to the extent necessary to bring about optimal results for our clients.

Where Do We Do It?

Our claims arise from accidents and events occurring locally and all over the world. All claims are managed and most prosecuted from our principal place of business in Chicago, Illinois. However, we frequently travel and work all over the United States and the world as the needs of a specific claim may dictate working with local counsel or affiliated counsel.

Nolan Law Group is a nationally ranked law firm with attorneys who are consistently recognized as leaders in aviation, medical malpractice, traumatic brain injury, and other personal injury cases.

Strategic Plan 

Our strategic plan is a culmination of the input and analysis of many clients and individuals who have been affected by the great work our firm has done for many years. The plan is meant to provide an understanding of our mission and vision and the way in which we will work to achieve our goals. This plan is strategic, not tactical. It builds on current strengths and structure and provides multifaceted approaches to success in four critical goals.

Concentrating in Aviation Accidents and Mass Torts

We will actively seek out accident cases in which our knowledge, training and experience can be most effectively employed such as aviation and mass torts. We will also seek out cases in which our resources are most efficient such as claims involving multiple plaintiffs from a single accident, event, or common circumstance. Nolan Law Group often represents many passengers from a single airplane crash or many who have used a defective drug or medical device. Sharing of responsibility for expenses of proving liability and common issues results in costs savings to our clients and is an efficient use of internal resources.

Connecting Globally

We will promote and expand an international network of lawyers, experts, and advocacy groups to close the gaps and inequalities that adversely affect the rights and abilities of individuals to seek full redress for injuries and damages resulting from aviation accidents and mass torts. Nolan Law Group has represented foreign clients and worked with lawyers in many countries. Such special collaboration resulted in unprecedented, large recoveries from international insurance syndicates and the global corporations whose risks they cover.

Integrating Technology and Experience

We will invest time, money and resources to integrate state of the art technology in facets of our practice that experience has shown would realize great benefit including client relations and communication, litigation management, and trial preparation and presentation.

Resolving Disputes Through Innovation

Through research, experimentation and need driven circumstances we will develop innovative means and methods to fairly resolve claims in expedient and cost-effective ways. Some recent mass tort claims in which Nolan Law Group represented multiple plaintiffs were settled without suit having been filed by understanding the motivations of the negligent parties and their insurers at an early stage and thereby achieving enhanced recovery and reducing cost and risk to our clients.