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While commercial aviation disasters often attract more media attention (because of the number of lives lost in a given accident), the severity of air cargo accidents must not be overlooked. It is true that air cargo flights usually have fewer passengers than commercial flights; however, the same unquestionable “duty of care” must apply. Nolan Law Group has been very active in the area of air cargo litigation and has acted on the behalf of several pilots, crew members and surviving family members. The firm is very knowledgeable about the effects of overloading, misloading or center of gravity miscalculations, as well as issues associated with defective equipment and dangerous cargo. Our attorneys apply the same processes for constructing winning cases that they would for commercial aviation accidents and have been successful in protecting the interests of our clients on numerous occasions.

Nolan Law Group is currently evaluating air cargo accident cases involving:

  • Overloading
  • Misloading
  • Dangerous cargo
  • Scheduling
  • Antiquated or defective equipment
  • Maintenance failure
  • Poor weather conditions

If you, or someone you love, have been injured in an air cargo aviation accident and would like the attorneys at Nolan Law Group to review your case, please contact us.