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Some facts about moderate and severe brain injuries

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2022 | Accidents & Incidents

There are many different circumstances that could lead to Illinois residents suffering traumatic brain injuries. Falls, high-combat spots and vehicle accidents are among the leading causes. These are some facts about moderate to severe forms of this catastrophic injury.

Why traumatic brain injury occurs

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs when a person receives a harsh blow to the head and the brain shifts inside the skull, hitting one side and then the other. It can also develop if an object pierces the skull and makes contact with the brain. For example, in a car crash, this can happen when a shard of glass, piece of metal or wooden branch causes a fracture in the skull and makes direct contact with the brain.

Symptoms of moderate to severe TBIs

Even in their mildest form, a temporary concussion, TBIs are still serious. They can significantly affect a variety of abilities that people normally take for granted. Moderate to severe TBIs can cause a variety of serious symptoms. Any combination of these should be taken seriously and not ignored.

If a person sustains a moderate to severe TBI, they might lose consciousness for anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. They might be confused and nauseous and begin vomiting or even experience seizures. Persistent, worsening headaches are also common.

Moderate to severe TBIs often cause a lack of coordination, dizziness and a sensation of weakness and numbness in the extremities. A person might have dilated pupils and fluids draining from their nose and even ears. If they try to speak, they might suddenly have slurred speech.

These injuries can also change a person’s personality. Someone who is normally docile and friendly might suddenly become agitated and combative. In the worst-case scenario, a moderate or severe TBI can lead to a coma or even death.

Quick medical attention might improve your chances of recovery if you’ve suffered a TBI.