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Shortages in contrast dye leading to delayed medical scans

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2023 | Accidents & Incidents

Supply chain shortages are occurring in nearly every industry. Illinois residents have felt the impact at grocery stores, home improvement stores, and car lots. Now, new supply chain disruptions are impacting the medical industry.

A shortage of contrast dye is now causing hospitals and other medical practitioners to reduce the use of some medical scans significantly. This dye is used to enhance imaging in these tests so that doctors can get a better picture of what is happening within your body.

Scans without contrast dye may not be enough for diagnosis

Not all imaging equipment requires doctors to use a contrast dye to get results. Many CT scans and similar scans are still being performed. However, some scans used to track internal bleeding. tumor growth or shrinkage, or how organs are functioning require the use of contrast dye for the best results.

Many medical professionals are already afraid that the inability to conduct these tests could lead to delayed diagnosis or even misdiagnosis of a medical condition. This could lead to worsening conditions for the patient or delay necessary treatments.

Use of other tests may not be enough

There are over 50 million tests conducted each year that require contrast dye. The dye shortage could cut that figure drastically, placing many patients at higher risk. Doctors and hospitals may also face medical malpractice charges for delaying or denying the use of these scans to patients.

Doctors around the country are trying to rely on other medical tests and diagnostic tools to help their patients. Until the contrast dye becomes more widely available, all patients are at risk for delayed or misdiagnosis.