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Boeing faces more trouble yet again

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2024 | Accidents & Incidents

In 2024, Boeing ran into a considerable amount of trouble that made people around the nation trust them a whole lot less. One significant problem was when a Boeing plane suddenly dropped from midair during a flight, and numerous passengers incurred injuries. Then, the door to another Boeing plane fell off right after it took off because some bolts were not installed correctly. The government had to stop some Boeing planes from flying, which led to many meetings, investigations and Boeing losing a significant amount of money.

Boeing has had trouble for some time

These problems seem to be a regular occurrence over these past few years. Boeing has continued to face issues with components in their planes. In addition to the accidents that have occurred, there are reports of jammed flight controls and safety concerns over de-icing equipment on both 737 Max and 787 Dreamliner models. The FAA has demanded Boeing address these production issues immediately.

How people see Boeing now

Because of these airline accidents, the reputation of Boeing is suffering. It is important for a company that makes planes to be trusted by everyone, from regular folks to airlines and government regulators. Boeing is trying to fix its problems and make its planes safer, which is a good start. But it is going to take a while before people fully trust Boeing again. Amidst these challenges, Boeing’s struggle to restore confidence among airlines, regulators and passengers grows more difficult, and this is reflected in its declining stock performance and public perception.

Even though regulators have asked the company to furnish a plan for how they will address problems in their assembly line, Boeing has yet to meet these demands. Boeing still refuses to provide records that detail the steps they will take to fix problems on their assembly lines.

The families of victims who were hurt or killed in accidents related to Boeing planes want the company to place a greater focus on safety. The Federal Aviation Administration is giving Boeing a deadline of late May to submit a plan that details how they will rectify safety issues.