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3 common types of traumatic brain injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2024 | Accidents & Incidents

Head injuries cover a broad spectrum of medical issues. Someone could experience a headache, migraine, bruise or cut on their head, which is frequently easily treatable. However, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can lead to life-long difficulties for victims.

There are several kinds of TBIs. Here is what you should know:

1. Skull fractures

A blow to the head could cause the skull to break. There are several kinds of skull fractures, each dangerous in its own way. Linear skull fractures are breaks in the bone, which may worsen if the victim suffers additional injuries. A depressed skull fracture is a bone that has sunken in the skull and may require surgery. A basilar skull fracture involves a break at the base of the skull, which could lead to additional medical conditions. 

2. Brain hemorrhage 

A victim who has suffered a strike to the head could experience bleeding in or outside their brain. A brain hemorrhage can damage brain cells and tissue. The result of brain bleeding is often long-term cognitive issues, such as impaired senses, memory loss and seizures. In some cases, a victim may enter a coma. 

3. Penetration head injury

An accident may result in a foreign object penetrating a person’s head. This object could break the skull and injure the victim’s brain. Not only may the penetrating object injure the brain but so could bone fragments. Penetrating head injuries are often harder to care for and can result in cognitive and physical impairments. 

If you or a loved one has suffered a TBI, then legal guidance is available to help recover compensation. A personal injury case can help you recover damages to pay for medical bills, treatment, long-term care and other financial difficulties.